1. Your wife is not perfect, fogive her.
2. Your wife is the bone of your bone, do not break her.
3. Your wife is a gift, appreciate
4. Your wife is a rare gem, guide her jealously.
5. Your wife is your best friend, be
friendly with her.
6. Your wife is your joy, nourish her.
7. Your wife is to be cherish, be cheerful to her.
8. Your wife is your portion, cherish her.
9. Your wife is not a devil, don’t dump her.
10. Your wife is not only good for sex, carry her along in every issue.
11. Your wife is not your enemy, encourage her.
12. Your wife is not a family material, never commit her
unto the hand of your family members.
13.Your wife is not your rival, don’t compete with her.
14. Your wife is a female gender,
honor her.
15. Your wife is not common,
don’t compare her.
16. Your wife is not a
wash hand base, stop abusing her.
17.Your wife is a weaker vessel,handle her with care.
18. Your wife is a beautiful
queen, celebrate her.
19. Your wife is ncarek
fighter, don’t fight.


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