See The 7 Easy Ways Of Identifying A Cheating Partner.

One of the major reasons for break ups
these days is the rate at which people cheat.
Many a times, people do not expect to be
cheated on because they are faithful.But then, life can really be unfair at times. Is
it not better you know the signs of a
cheating partner and save yourself
unnecessary heart break in future? Here are
seven tips to help you.
1. His/her phone:
The surest cupboard housing cheating
skeletons is his/her phone. Is she always
with her phone? How secretive does he/she
get his/her phone? If your partner takes the
phone everywhere, I mean everywhere, like
bathroom, toilet, and kitchen at all times,
then something is up. If the phone is always
on password and your partner won’t tell
you the password, don’t just raise an
eyebrow, you need to raise your two eyes
2.Style of dressing:
So, you notice your partner suddenly upped
his/her game in dressing just like that. New
clothes, new shoes, new perfume; extra
efforts at looking good than usual? Then
pay close attention. Something is definitely
fishy. He/she wants to look good for the co-
3. Partner’s schedule:
Your partner’s usual schedule just changed
without him/her being able to tell you
exactly what has been keeping them
occupied? It is most likely because they have
made room to accommodate one more
occupant. If it is not so, your partner will be
able to tell you straight up and consistently
what has been taking his/her time.
4. Cancels dates/appointments suddenly:
If he is fond of cancelling dates with you at
last minute because of unavoidable reasons,
yet cannot say precisely ‘why’, then you
should be concerned. If the excuses sound
odd to you, then you should probably trust
your guts.
5. No time for intimacy:
If you both used to have intimate moments
and your partner suddenly loses interest in
it, someone is obviously doing your job for
you. Sudden withdrawal with no sound
explanation implies they are doing it with
someone else.
6. Shrinks back from future plans:
If your partner suddenly becomes
uninterested in talks about the future of
your relationship, it is clear sign that he/she
has such plans with someone else.
7. Avoids meeting friends and family:
If your partner suddenly starts avoiding the
need to get introduced to your family
members or friends, he/she is only trying to
save you the waste of energy because he/
she knows the relationship is going
nowhere. So, read the handwriting on the
wall clearly.
We live in a changing world. And as humans,
we are constantly developing new ways of
doing things…even new ways to cheat and
cover our tracks. So, it is safe to say if you
observe three of these signs in your partner,
you should definitely raise an eye brow. If
your partner can evade all these signs, then
what you have is a professional cheat as a
partner and you don enter one chance.


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