The National Association of Nigeria Students
(NANS) has called on the Academic Staff
Union of Universities (ASUU), to consider the
plight of students and shelve their industrial
action.In a press statement on Friday in Abuja,
NANS President, Comrade Chinonso Obasi
said that it is obvious that times are hard
owing to the general economic down turn
in the country.
“To send students home in the name of
strike action would not only worsen the
harsh social and economic conditions of
Nigerian students, but above all dispose to
all forms of anti-social practices, including
crimes and other deviant behavours. We
plead with ASUU to call off the industrial
action while it sits in further dialogue with
the Federal Government,” Obasi said.
Among its demands from the Federal
Government include: “Provision for the
granting of student loans to ensure greater
access to tertiary education; Governments at
State and Federal level should devote a
sizeable percentage of the education budget
to fund research in our universities and
colleges; Politicians should desist from
going to tertiary institutions to recruit
political thugs for election purposes,
because not only does this practice
demeaning the so-called future leaders, it
has become the enabling culture for cultism
and examination malpractices; Politicians
who award scholarships to indigenous
students should henceforth deal directly
with the institutions where the beneficiaries
are pursuing their programmes; Lecturers in
higher institutions of learning should
partake in periodic open fora, during which
students could freely comment on their
conduct, with a view to isolating the bad
eggs that promote and perpetrate anti-
social practices, including sexual
harassment, sorting and absenteeism; the
necessity of decentralizing the National
University Commission, (NUC) so that
institutions could be free to pursue
excellence in line with International
Standards and Global best practices.
“Experience has shown that institutions
engage in sharp practices during NUC’s
periodic ritual of accreditation of courses.
Evaluation of course content should be a
continuous affair. Universities, polytechnics
and colleges of education should be made
to upload the roll of its academic staff on the
internet for openness and accountability;
the voice of Nigeria students must be
sought during screening of prospective
Ministers of Education.
“In this regard, the present leadership of
NANS would seek audience with the
President of Senate to map areas of
collaboration in this regard; Remove all
forms of discriminatory admission policies
in schools, colleges and tertiary institutions.
There should a common cut off mark all
students seeking admission into the
university, because the present system of
discriminatory admission points awards
second class status to certain category of
Nigerians. This is not healthy.
“Students should be encouraged to
undertake courses in which they have great
aptitude; Publish the report of various
visitation panels to tertiary institutions and
outline how it would go about
implementing recommendations contained
in them; the Federal Government should
make it a point of duty to fulfil its
obligations and execute agreements
entered into with academic and other staff
of academic institutions.
“We discovered that it is always when the
governments renege from its agreements
that strike action ensues. Government
should always fulfil its part of every bargain
to show good examples; otherwise it
becomes guilty of social corruption.
On insurgency, militancy, cattle rustling,
abduction and human trafficking which has
contributed in no small way in backtracking
Nigeria’s socio-economic progress, Obasi
called on the Federal government to evolve
new ways of accommodating young people
in decision making.
“Of all the reasons why youths resort to
criminality is economic inequality and
deprivation. The gap between the rich and
the poor in Nigeria is too wide. Again, the
sources of economic empowerment are
constricted for young people. On top of this,
the cost of education is so high such that
young people are incensed with bitterness
and grief,” Obasi said.
On the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC)
that has been programmed as another
means of exploiting Nigerian youths instead
of developing the spirit of nationalism and
patriotism in them, Obasi said that the
Federal Government should consider
reducing the prospective age for NYSC,
making it elective as well as make the wage


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